This Game Is Able To Lose Drastic Weight In A Week

This Game Is Able To Lose Drastic Weight In A Week– If you are dizzy looking for ways on how to lose weight instantly in a short period of time, you should try a new breakthrough recently developed by researchers from the University of Exeter and Cardiff University below.

A group of researchers is not developing an instant diet method by presenting a healthy food menu, but a video game that is actually able to help players lose weight in such a short time, which is only a week. Telegraph

page , Saturday (07/18/2015), launch that the game is designed to design the brain and the suggestion of the players so they can control what they want to eat.

The gamethis can be played on a PC, throughout the game the players have to avoid a row of junk food images , and they must choose healthy food pictures to win the game. 

Based on researchers who also developed this game , the patterns present in the gameplay are able to train the mind and suggestion of players to avoid unhealthy and fatty foods.

Initially, this game was tested on 41 participants who were overweight. About a week before they play this game, they must record what food they have eaten. 

After a week later, then they play the gamewith a duration of 10 minutes per day.

The researchers immediately conducted an experiment in the next week, they found that many players whose weight dropped around 0.7 kg per day after playing the game.

In fact, the players claimed they were more ‘compelled’ to consume healthy foods and avoid snacks after playing the game.

For the future, this game slot online is still in the stage of further development for people who have problems losing weight. The scientists believe that this game is able to change the outlook and human habits in choosing food.